Parsley-Sun Dried

PParsley Leaves 

product description : Egyptian parsley leaves, machine dried , sun dried, flat parsley

Latin name of parsley : Petroselinum crispum

Scientific name of parsley : Petroselinum crispum

part use: leaves (crushed, whole)

HS code of parsley :1211

Smell and taste of parsley: aromatic, typical

origin of parsley: Egypt

color of parsley : light green up to dark green

harvest : conventional parsley and organic parsley

photos and pictures of parsley: available

crops time , harvest plan , season of parsley : Available throughout the year

standard packages of parsley: 20 kg pp bags

how many tons can 20 ft container load of parsley :5 ton

how many tons can 40 ft container load of parsley :10 ton

how many tons can 40 HC container load of parsley :10.5 ton

declaration of parsley: herbs , Medicinal plants , aromatic , herbal tea, ingredients, Seasonings, flavor, spices, dried vegetables

Uses of parsley, benefits of parsley, applications of parsley:

Parsley has been used as a source of vitamins and minerals, it is amazing herb

Parsley leaves and roots are popular as condiments worldwide, it is very popular



Where to buy Parsley Leaves ?

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November 8, 2023